Floor mount computer workstation

Office floor mount computer workstation is a type of stationary computer workstation which boasts stable position and user-friendly design. It is ideal for office and industrial environments where firmness is of utmost importance. Many models are equipped with the steel pole which can be easily mounted to the floor in the proximity to power source. Independent mounting of monitor and keyboard tray secure high flexibility. Additionally, some manufacturers developed advanced models where multiple monitors can be mounted to a single pole. The size of keyboard platform is largely variable and may be customized for your specific needs. Some are wide enough to be used as a writing surface. While choosing the model which is meant to be used as a stand-up computer workstation, do make sure that the height is easily adjustable so that you can freely shift from standing to sitting position. Other additional elements worth considering include a slide-out mouse tray, a shelf for printer, a barcode scanner holder, and some wire baskets for miscellaneous office stuff. Thus, floor mount workstation is the best option when you need to create a ‘kiosk’ working area with little floor space. A wide range of options are currently available to help you configure your computer workstation as a fully-functional office.