Car windshield mount for tablets

Using your tablet or iPad for fun, for work and for navigation while travelling by car has now become easier than ever. Car seat headrest mount holder securely holds the tablet in place and helps avoiding accidental damages on long car travels. So you may concentrate on driving while your kids are busy watching movies or playing games. Attractive and reliable design retains convenient access to all tablet peripheral connections and ports. Car windshield mounts and holders are fully adjustable suction mounts that can be used for mounting your tablet or iPad to a windshield or other flat surfaces. They allow easy positioning of tablets for maps, navigation and hands-free voice applications. Easy tilt adjustment and 360 degree ball joint provide additional freedom in tablet orientating. Car mount features a holder which adjusts to fit virtually any tablet and can be attached to your car’s seat rail bolt. Alternatively, you may opt for semi-permanent floor mounting. Air vent clip-on mount holder has a flexible neck and rotating head to provide a perfect fit in most vehicles.