Kitchen office

If you are convinced that a modern home office or a study station can only be set up in a spare room or a big master bedroom, you are deeply mistaken. Ergonomic and user-friendly working spaces might emerge from those areas in your house, which you never planned to explore. You may simply set a desk and a chair in front of a window to let a little sunlight in. Alternatively, you may convert a traditional armoire for storing china and silverware into a storage cabinet with a writing desk for keeping files and folders. Even a spare corner of your living room can easily accommodate a cozy working zone. An elegant table, a designer chair, and just a few appealing accessories can create a quiet nook for working on your daily projects. If you have to share your working space with your partner or sibling, it is a good idea to differentiate your zones using different colors. While doing so, do not forget to be consistent in style. Your bedroom can also host your compact home office. If that is your choice, you only need to think of a nice desk and a comfortable chair to match your other decorative choices.