USB webcam with mic

These days cameras are everywhere, and your PC is not an exception. A webcam feeds the image to your computer, which, in its turn, streams the video to any other network via internet. It is either built-in to your workstation hardware (a laptop) or may be connected to it by a USB cable (a PC). A webcam may also be supplying information to the web non-stop, most often giving access to images of certain locations to those who visit particular web pages. In spite of webcam availability and wide selection of low-cost models, the resolution they offer may be really high. Webcams perform a number of functions ranging from videoconferencing to security surveillance. A possible disadvantage of having a webcam, though, is a matter of security, as some cameras can be activated by sophisticated spyware. Weird as it may seem, modern webcam software provides unique experience to customers who get more and more involved into virtual reality. One day your webcam becomes a magic mirror allowing you to view a virtual dress or suit on yourself, the other day it turns into your reliable business instrument giving a chance to reach thousands of PC users around the world. Bulky video-conference equipment has already been substituted by small-size portable webcams boasting face-tracking, lighting control, autofocus, etc.