Digital podium is a must-have advanced presentation tool that has been designed to make all types of presentations more organized and truly interactive. Using a built-in computer workstation, a speaker is free to use all the possibilities of state-of-the-art digital equipment. Mobile or stationary multimedia podiums are ideal for university lecture rooms and auditoriums, board rooms, conference and training rooms, court rooms, council chambers and other venues where efficient communication is crucially important. This standalone system is much more than a traditional piece of furniture. It stores and controls all digital devices you need for your multimedia presentations. Various manufacturers offer a range of configurations, though most often you might expect to find a build-in computer, a sound system, a microphone, a camera, a touchscreen and wireless connection. Podium are engineered and programmed in such a way that one does not need to have special training to perform reliably at lecture or presentation. User-friendly interface helps to easily switch between control menus for individual devices which eliminated the need for multiple remotes. Preview monitors display images that are going to be sent to screen so the use is always keeps the presentation in check. Using combo player one can play any previously recorded content with no additional effort. It is essential that audio and video output signals are automatically consolidated. Surely enough, this user-friendly equipment turns speaking in public into genuinely entertaining and unforgettable experience.