Creative pen tablet

Drawing tablet is an excellent choice for creative professionals who seek a device for designing, sketching, painting, retouching, and creating with ease. Modern graphic tablets help to emulate the precision and accuracy of a traditional pen and brush. Most models have customizable keys giving rapid access to application-specific shortcuts. Tablet can easily be connected to you PC through USB connection. There are a number of functions to consider for selecting a perfect tablet. Make sure the level of pressure sensitivity is high to ensure the best possible pen input for dynamic adjustment of exposure, opacity, and line weight. Another useful function is multitouch, which means the ability to use hands on the screen. In contrast, palm rejection enables the computer to distinguish between touches of your pen and hand. In addition, you may want to have tilt sensitivity and rotation sensitivity for drawing by rotating the pen barrel. Finally, it is worth checking if there is no time lag between touching the pen to the tablet and seeing the line on the screen.