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E-book reader is an electronic device that is used for reading books, magazines and other periodicals. Owing to its long battery life and light weight electronic reader makes an excellent portable device for bookworms and all those keen on reading. It has been generated to store thousands of books and to customize sizes and font styles. Additionally, you can look up any word in a built-in dictionary if you read a book in a foreign language. Since most of modern smartphones and tablets have special e-reader applications, you may wonder why you need an additional device to read books. The answer lies in different types of displays. Backlit screen of traditional devices makes your eyes strain and you get tired of reading very quickly. In contrast, electronic book readers use e-ink screen which makes you feel as if you were reading a paper book or magazine. E-ink is a unique technology that significantly improves contrast and reduces glare, which makes readability qualities much better. The other obvious advantage of eReader is a huge storage space where you can keep all your favorite books without a need to get rid of them. Some e-book readers feature additional built-in light so that you can easily read books in dark environment. When you choose a suitable model, also check touchscreen capabilities and screen resolution.