Game console gadget

Though some people claim that smartphones and tablets forced handheld game consoles out of the market, the best gaming experience is still provided by these gaming devices. In spite of increased competition game producers are selling game consoles in millions. Many handheld consoles have wireless internet connection and touchscreen. It is important that consoles boast impressive battery life. Another important feature is availability of physical buttons and thumbsticks, which make the process of playing more comfortable and habitual. Your fingers are just resting on them ready to react any moment, which is hardly possible on touchscreen. In a rapid race or battle it could make a huge difference in winning or losing. The other reason why handheld consoles are better than gaming options of smartphones and tablets is their improved graphical representations. While games for Android devices available at iTunes, Google Play or Windows Store are usually less expensive than those designed for consoles, graphic qualities of the latter are truly unprecedented. Traditionally, handheld consoles used to be ideal for single players, but nowadays you can freely play with others owing to fast internet connection of the majority of gaming devices.