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High-tech exercise bicycles

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Modern stationary high-tech exercise bicycles are designed to help you burn calories and transform your body in the most convenient way. Your workout gets more enjoyable than ever owing to a variety of high-tech options for adjusting difficulty setting and permanently tracing your progress on built-in screen. Built-in computers of modern bikes calculate your power output and you can immediately see how hard you are working out. If you use a chest strap, the bike can also read your heart rate and send the data to the screen. The most advanced models boast LCD flat-panel monitors which display virtual road you can take while exercising. It feels as if you were a cyclist inside some video game observing the scenery typical for rural cycling routes. You can even steer from one side of the virtual road to the other to imitate natural bike ride. Powerful processors offer high-end graphics so your bike provides a realistic image of a real riding route. Alternatively, you can watch TV or browse the Internet while exercising. Sophisticated electronics also means more personalized workouts: you can follow pedaling cadence, riding speed, calories burned and distance covered. Moreover, two bikes in the gym may be networked and sportsmen are allowed to compete against each other. On top of it, some models memorize your previous results so that you can compare them with your past triumphs.