The Emperor computer workstation

It might be fascinating to know what computer workstations future holds for us. There have been some attempts to design supreme high-tech computer workstations, for example The Emperor – the greatest workstation of all time. Designed by Patrick Laflamme this workstation resembles the tail of the scorpion. It comes heavily loaded with three monitors to ensure the panoramic view, Dolby sound, air filtering, web camera and other gadgets. The Emperor is truly the pinnacle of comfort and functionality, but be ready to empty your wallet with this purchase. In addition to its ergonomic design and compact work space, the Emperor features a multi-functional monitor mount which allows for installation of a single monitor or triple monitor. Electronics helps users to set perfect monitor and keyboard height combination. You may easily tilt backwards to relieve back pressure. It also has headphone jacks and a port for additional audio source. Multimedia speakers secure clear and deep surround sound while you are watching movies or listening to music. The futuristic amenities of this workstation will definitely make working easier.