Industrial membrane keyboard with laser trackball

The choice of industrial keyboard for you manufacturing is dependent on the environment where this keyboard is supposed to be operated. In case the site is full of dust and dirt, it is worth considering a seamless waterproof keyboard. Its uni-body has been designed to minimize dirt accumulation. Meanwhile, to wash the keyboard you just need some standard industrial cleaner. It is important to make sure that the letters on the keyboard are laser etched so they never rub off. Silicone keyboards, which are perfect for extreme temperature and rugged environments, have one significant drawback – they easily get spoilt by contacting with substances like oil and grease. Their most obvious advantage, though, is that these waterproof keyboards help prevent cross contamination in medical offices and healthcare facilities by simply being washable. Stainless steel panel mount keyboards are highly reliable vandal resistant keyboards, which are ideal for use in public access kiosks, as well as industrial sites. Industrial keyboard can be customized in order to meet specific customer requirements. Special design facilities offer a range of front layers, housing materials, sealing grades, backlit options, integrated pointing devices and output protocols.