Embedded PC

An industrial PC is a high-performance embedded computer engineered to survive the rigors of harsh plant floor environments. The components themselves, such as industrial motherboards and touchscreen displays, to name just two, have been developed in such a way as to withstand extreme temperatures, strong vibrations and different humidity conditions, as well as to enhance dust protection features. Rugged computers have heavier metal construction, additional air filtering system, high grade power supply, controlled access to all elements owing to locking doors, etc. Ruggedized computers are highly demanded in military, heavy equipment, industrial automation and aerospace industries. A Panel PC is another type of industrial computer products where an LCD display is incorporated into one box with the motherboard. These are offered in low cost versions, as well as in much more expensive models offering waterproof front panel or explosion proof features. The manufacturers offer a wide choice of fanless and traditional embedded systems. Many of them come with a wall mount to ensure upgraded flexibility.