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Laptop cart can be used anywhere computing needs to be mobilized. Open-architecture design and mobility make it welcomed in any office or residence. Wood top laptop cart boasts a durable seamless top to fit into any classical design. Tilting main surface combined with stable side surface for mouse or beverage add comfort to your working place. Casters guarantee easy mobility and quick relocation. Height-adjustable laptop cart is a perfect ergonomic solutions for those who want to stay fit and move more during the day. Sit-stand laptop cart help you burn more calories and guarantees right height for comfort usage. Affordable, budget-friendly plastic laptop cart is an ideal home solution. The five-point chair base makes your cart mobile, while two of the casters lock to keep the cart in place. These simple models can be adjusted by sqeezing the paddle. For environments needing some storage, some manifacturers offer small drawers as a compromise between storage capacity and mobility. Laptop cart with locking cabinet helps keep your documents safe while transporting.