6 foot Laptop Security Cable

If you often work in public or poorly protected places, your laptop is at risk of being stolen. You may think of buying some remote wiping software that is used to erase your data in case the thief connects to the Internet, or you may just physical stop the thief by securing your laptop to a heavy object. Do you know that 99% of all laptops have a security slot? Although a security slot, otherwise known as Kensington Slot, K-lock or Universal Security Lock, has been designed as a perfect measure against theft, many users are still unaware of this feature of their laptops and never use it. In most laptop models, the slot is placed on the side or back of laptop casing. It is about half the size of a USB port and has a special “lock” symbol next to it. Security slot can be used by attaching a specialized cable to it. It is then attached to some immovable object. In case you don’t have a strong anchor point, any laptop lock will be useless. Many desks have grommets for threading a lock cable though. If you don’t have one, you can buy an attachable anchor that glues onto a table. To secure the wire, you need to apply a key or pin activated lock. While using a key-activated lock, you have to turn it 90 degrees counter-clockwise in order to secure it.