It is no surprise that these days kids readily leave their toys or refuse other treats in favor of delighting and challenging computer games. So, instead of trying to persuade your daughter or son that running with friends in the street is much more fun that spending days in front of the screen, think of picking up a reliable kid-friendly workstation for your little ones. If your children are of elementary school age, it is still not too early to develop basic computer skills and to spark their interest in technology. We cannot but admit that in modern education system Internet has become as important as math and literacy. Do not forget, though, that kids often fail to treat their gadgets with due care. In practice, that means that you should either choose some impact resistant models or low-cost options that could be easily substituted. Traditionally, the primary function of any kid’s laptop is playing games, so it is better not to save money at the expense of cozy and well-laid-out workstation to prevent any possible with health. The variety of kid-friendly workstations is striking: the model range from simple and traditional writing desks to the most extravagant designer laptop stations. The choice depends on the amount of money you are ready to spend for it, your kid’s preferences, and, the last, but not the least, the style of your house interior.