Dual sit-stand computer workstation

Modern individual computer workstations feature many additional elements you may find useful in your work. Dual monitor computer workstation and dual monitor computer desk have recently gained in popularity due to their boosted functionality and ergonomic characteristics. Dual monitor arm attached to your computer desk creates space and productivity by adding two movable displays to your desktop that can be mounted vertically or horizontally. If you want to maximize your desktop space, mount displays side-by-side or on top of each other. Innovative dual sit-stand computer workstation helps you to stay energized and productive while computing. You move from standing to a sitting position whenever you want. Adjustable dual-monitor stand makes your work comfortable for long periods. Counterbalances adjustment points are designed for tool-free instantaneous re-positioning. Combined with advanced cable management system and integrated brake for securing your desk in place, this workstation is one of the best solutions for busy environment. Triple, quad and other multi-monitor computer workstations feature various monitor arrangements for complete design flexibility and insure infinite monitor positioning for intense computer applications. Multi monitor positioning devices vary in forms and designs but most of them may be adjusted to meet most of your needs. For example, a multi monitor mount keeps all displays in place without wobbling no matter what is the size of your screens. Integrated cable management system neatly secures power cables out of sight.