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As laptops overtake desktops in home computing, users look for more ways to work and play more comfortably with their own portable PCs. Light portable laptop desks will bring you much convenience since they can safely and efficiently handle your laptop in any position. Featuring non-slip legs and appropriate stoppers to prevent falling, compact and foldable laptop desks are an ideal choice for everyday usage. Ergonomic sleek design will compliment any interior décor. Lap desk is another smart solution. Some models feature microbead lap pads to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. Laptop desk with flip top and pull out drawer is great for working in bed or lounging in pool. Traditional bed desk can also be successfully used as laptop desks. Memory foam lapdesk has been designed for total comfort and support to become the ultimate portable workplace. Convenient and lightweight it can be used anywhere anytime. It seems amazing but some models include storage compartments to keep pencils and other supplies. If you take care of your health, consider buying defender pad, a laptop radiation and heat shield that provides safety and comfort. High-tech lap desks offer built-in speakers to boost the sound and a fan to cool the device.