Executive cubicle

The idea of now traditional office cubicle is about 50 years old. Robert Propst’s invention revolutionized furniture industry and provided office workers with more privacy so that they could be fully concentrated on their work. Technological progress added its finishing touch by introducing a computer to create an almost perfect private office. To hold the scales even, one should admit that for some period enclosed private cubicles fell out of favor, but now they are back in trend. So if you or your employees appreciate privacy more than anything else, do not hesitate a single moment. It is also a good option for employers who can use tables and partitions in the way they want to format their office. Extended storage and no intrusion from telephones offer a perfect solution for creating a more productive workforce. Private offices cubicle is an ideal solution for self-employed persons and small companies that share office with similar business. One more plus of a private cubicle is its flexibility. You can quickly change its design at a very low cost. It can be easily relocated and customized to user’s needs. Those who use them on a daily basis know for sure that the possibilities with private office cubicle are endless.