Rolling laptop backpack

If you are a happy owner of a 15- or 17-inch laptop model rather than an ultrabook, it might be easier to pull it behind you than carry it over a shoulder. Rolling and wheeled models vary in size and functionality, but most of them have been designed for professionals on the go. Rolling laptop cases are conventionally made of the durable and water resistant material, which keeps your computer dry even in wet weather. They usually have closed cell foam padding to keep your laptop protected from unexpected blows. Inside the bag, you may find all sorts of pen loops, car holders, zipped pockets, cell phone pockets and other additional accessories. Optionally, it might have a larger zipped compartment to store essential items for overnight trips. It also has a telescoping handle retracting into a zipped compartment. Look for easy-glade wheels to make maneuvering tight corners and narrow walks easy and comfortable. The padded carry handle is another important feature you might prefer to have. Some models have a hidden quick access pockets to keep some essential documents at hand.