Hydraulic mini stepper

There is a good reason why stair machines and steppers, similarly to exercise treadmills, are available in most gyms: they not only help you burn maximum amount of calories, but also sculpt your legs and hips in the best possible way. You need to start with a short warmup at a low intensity slowly increasing resistance level. Don’t forget to keep your body upright and to press your heels down on the steps. Twist steppers push different muscles than strait ones, so if you have a chance to use both interchangeably, you will gain the best results. If you don’t have enough space for exercise bicycles, compact mini steppers are perfect for home and office use: they are space efficient and portable. It has been proved that using mini stepper under desk helps burn additional 100 calories every hour. Advanced models are equipped with LCD display which shows exercise time, number of steps and calories burned. There are a number of folding models with handlebars for comfortable gripping. Stair climber with LCD console is another great option for smooth exercising. Electronically controlled system controls the stair speed which makes the climber comfortable for a variety of users.