Tablet working station with printer

Choosing a docking station for your tablet or smartphone can be a difficult task. They are currently available in different styles and sizes, but some of them are too cumbersome, others won’t sync with your device. The variety of high-tech tablet docking stations and docks is truly amazing. In addition to standard functions such as charging and mounting, producers are trying to surprise users with some perks ranging from Bluetooth connection to digital radio. It is commonly believed that a modern tablet cannot become an organic part of classical office interior. Creative manufacturers prove the opposite. Choose hand-painted marble finish Victorian version of a docking station that will match all the other elements in your classical interior. In spite of having unusual old look, it offers all the functions you might need for high-speed performance, including stylus touch screen pen and Bluetooth keyboard ready to sync with your tablet. There vintage looking docks may also be used as charging stations. Additionally, some models include microphones, cameras or speakers for online conferences. The best docks feature several ports which allow you to convert your tablet into a genuine desktop workstation.