Humping dog USB flash drive

USB flash drives, known as USB drives or USB sticks, are commonly used data storage devices which include flash memory with USB interface. These compact removable and rewritable drives have become so widely used over the last decade or so that it is hardly believable that some time ago CDs and floppy disk drives used to be traditional information storage devices. Small size and constantly increasing storage capacities, combined with affordable prices, gave no chances for competitors to survive in the market. Moreover, USB flash drives have no moving parts, which makes them reliable and resistible to mechanical damages. Class standards used by USB drives are supported by the majority of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, etc. Additionally, they are compatible with all types of players, entertainment systems and a variety of handheld devices. Usually a flash drive includes a small circuit board and a USB connector protected by a case (metal, rubber or metallic). Quite naturally, though, a range of flash drive is regularly supplemented with new models. Their design is becoming more and more sophisticated and bizarre.