Usb mousepad warmer

USB is the main way to connect peripherals to computer. USB devices have long been serving for a variety of purposes, but conventionally USB is associated with flash drives, speakers and similar easily recognizable gadgets that make our daily work comfortable. Nonetheless, USB story is not that trivial; it can offer much more if one tries to use it to its full potential. With the advent of USB 3.00 with its 5Gb per second transfer rate, which is ten times faster than previous generation USB 2.0, it has become more useful than ever before, in particular for transmitting data to external devices. Storage devices are available in all types, colors, sizes and characters. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that everyone can easily find a fancy flash drive to one’s liking. Additionally, USB is just a perfect way of charging devices, be it a cooling fan for hot summer days or a greenhouse to keep you closer to nature in your office cubicle. USB hubs are exceptionally useful when you need to use or charge multiple devices simultaneously. It seems incredible, but not to feel lonely you may buy a USB pet rock to have something to take care of. Though some of USB gadgets are for fun only, the majority of them do bring extra functionality to your workstation, such as extended possibilities of image manipulation, biometrics, PC control, etc.