Steering wheel desk

Converting your car into a convenient workstation may be a good idea if you need to spend some time waiting inside your vehicle. There are a number of smart decisions offered by designers. The simplest option is a steering wheel attachable work surface tray which has been designed as an ergonomic work solution for writing or using laptop. It increases efficiency by creating extra space and stable position. Made of durable material it is lightweight and smooth. It is meant to be quickly mounted on the steering wheel, which means you don’t need to spend much time installing it. It can be easily stored between the seats and kept invisible. Vehicle laptop mount may be used in most cars, trucks and vans. Laptop mount base is fixed using passenger side seat as attachment point to keep your device totally fixed and secure. It has an ability to absorb shock and vibration, so you don’t need to put your laptop away while moving. Telescoping lower arms allows to easily adjust the height and to swing the desk out of the way when not in use. Alternatively, you can consider seat mounted laptop stand. The upturned bars slide in between the seat back and seat cushion and the downturned bars secure it against the front of the seat cushion.