Countertop arcade cabinet

Video game arcade cabinet

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Video game arcade cabinets, also known as video game arcade machines, are cabinets which house video game hardware. Arcade cabinets have been popular since mid-1980s. Even though electronics have been significantly upgraded, their main components, types and designs have not been largely modified. Traditionally, arcade cabinet consists of the following parts: a monitor, where game is displayed; power supply; arcade system board (hardware to run the game); control panel; coin or token slot and a bezel. Though some of the cabinets may present unusual DIY projects, the majority of industrially produced units follow one of the following types: upright cabinets and sit-down cabinets (cocktail or table cabinets). Upright cabinets are the most widely spread. Typically made of metal (rarely wood), they have the control panel at the level of waist which is perpendicular to the monitor. They have joystick and player buttons situated on gamepads. Alternatively, they may have a steering wheel or a throttle pedal. Cocktail cabinets resemble low tables: the monitor is placed inside looking upwards and bottoms are located at the broad ends.