Wall-mounted laptop arm with tray

The choice of wall-mount laptop workstations is rather wide, so may consider any of the following options. Wooden wall-mount laptop workstation is best for classical design. It easily folds away becoming neat and compact. When you fold it down, you will find a convenient storage area, some shelves and organizers. Elegant design coupled with amazing functionality makes it suitable for any room in your house. Workstation with upper locking compartment can be used for secure storage of everyday essentials. For limited space rooms consider an extending laptop arm with tray which easily adjusts to your position. The lever securely locks arm in place and built-in “lip” prevents your laptop from falling. Make sure it has a wire management system and a mouse holder. If you are particularly interested in keeping your data secure, choose wall-mount security workstation with multiple programmable electronic keypad. This locking workstation needs no keys. Owing to folding down desk it may be used as traditional laptop desk during working hours.