Wireless charging dock

Recent technological innovations and technologies prove that there is no need to struggle with connectors and cables each time you want to charge your smartphone or tablet. You may just put your phone directly on a charging stand, which looks similar to traditional tablet stand, and it will charge the device automatically. This device is based on advanced charging technology supporting Qi standard, so you need to be sure that your phone or table supports this standard. The charging coil of your device should match with one of multiple coils of the charging station. The base station has a transmitter coil and your tablet has a receiver coil. When the receiver coil is close enough, the signal is modulated and charging begins. Most chargers include the indicator light so that you can be sure that charging is taking place. Today more and more Android gadgets support wireless charging and most likely all tablets and smartphones will support this method soon. As for now it is still worth checking if your device is compatible with Qi standard chargers.